U Maine Wins Regional 

It wasn’t the hockey or basketball team, it was the 12 member U Maine chemical engineering team.

They took the top honors at the Northeast Regional Chem E Car competition on April 5th in Massachusetts.

The students built a Hydrogen-fueled vehicle that had to go a predetermined distance carrying a predetermined amount of water.

To make things tougher, they weren’t told the amounts until an hour before the competition.

On their first attempt the car was supposed to stop at fifty feet, it went 59.

On their second try they were only off by twenty-three inches.

Senior Sam Gerges of Yarmouth thinks these competitions could be the future of how cars are powered.

&quot:There are companies that are looking into implementing Hydrogen fuel cells into cars and I think we’re just showing that it might be practical and we’re hoping that this technology continues in the future.&quot:

Next up is the national championships to be held in Philadelphia this fall.

It is the second time in three years that Maine has won the northeast title.

The team is grateful to its sponsors: the U Maine College of Engineering, Dysarts, and Dead River.