Maine Truckers to Roll on Washington 

&quot:If you’ve got it, a truck brought it–and a lot of people don’t understand that ’till they stop and think for a minute…Where did these salt and pepper shakers come from Where did that bed sheet come from A trucker brought it!&quot:

That was the general feeling on Sunday when a group of area truckers gathered in Lincoln for a second time: gathered with a goal to lower costs for their businesses.

In an effort to draw attention to the issues surrounding the rising price of gasoline, the group met in Lincoln last November, and formed the coalition to lower fuel prices….

They took their message to Augusta, bringing ideas for bills about axel weight and fuel tax rebates.

This weekend, they met again, this time to organize a rally at the white house.

Coalition core member, Larry Sidelinger says truckers everywhere want to send a message.

&quot:These people in Augusta, these people in Washington, they’re not truck drivers, they understand the problems as we educate them to these problems, and then they can make intelligent decisions.&quot:

Almost 25 truckers from Maine have signed up to join truckers from across the nation in a drive down to Washington and rally at the white house on April 28th.

If you’d like more information about the coalition to lower fuel prices, or if you’re interested in sponsoring a truck to go down to the rally in Wasington D.C.

You can log on to the organization’s website at