Unity Closed 

The news is a shock to many fans, with the racing season about to begin.

Unity Raceway is one of the oldest tracks in Maine.

The Nason family bought it in 1979, and they’ve had a racing schedule every year since then.

The track has closed once before: in the late seventies, it closed for two years, before the Nason’s bought it.

The family tells us they’ve put their heart and soul into the track for decades, and this was a tough decision.

&quot:We’re a mom and pop operation just like most stores in Central Maine, and many have felt the squeeze this winter.&quot: Ralph Nason told TV5 Tuesday. &quot:Looking at it realistically you have to invest and get your best return. And we have thought we should be ready for the next 60 years. And thats to revamp take a look ahead and move forward.&quot:

In all, there were 110 race teams at the track on a race night, now they’ll have to find somewhere else to race.

There are five other tracks in Maine, but that means more traveling, and more expense.