Students Save Principal’s Job 

In a 7 to 6 vote Tuesday night, the school board decided to renew principal Lori Putnam’s contract for one more year.

Like many other school districts in Maine, Messalonskee is forced to make tough financial decisions because of a lack of funding.

Last week, eight positions were cut.

High school principal Lori Putnam feared for her job as well, especially when superintendent James Morse declined to renew her one year contract, which was set to expire in July. But supporters, including many students, petitioned on her behalf.

&quot:She did such a wonderful job tonight.&quot: Said Messalonskee sophomore Jordan Stolt following Tuesday’s meeting. &quot:So did everyone else who spoke, and I think she deserves it. And next year, if we have to go through the same thing, we will.&quot:

Stolt gathered more than 150 student signatures in support of Putnam, while teachers added 50 more on a similar petition.