Joyce McLain to be Exhumed 

After several setbacks her family may now be one step closer to some much needed closure.

On Monday, McLain’s mother Pam, her cousin Greylen Hale, and many other relatives and friends went before the selectmen of Medway. They went hoping that, where others have said no, they would say yes to exhuming Joyce’s body. And that’s exactly what happened.

The family believes that even after nearly 30 years, there still may be DNA evidence on McLain’s body that could put the person or people responsible for her death behind bars.

&quot:I was very surprised. I thought it would go a lot longer.&quot: Said Hale following the meeting. &quot:I thought there would be more questions, but once it was mentioned, there was a motion to do it and everyone followed.&quot:

Monday’s decision means that when, and if, McLain’s body is exhumed the town of Medway will cover the costs to do it. Hale says the family is also working with a funeral director, who will cover some additional costs.

The family hopes a nationally recognized pathologist from New York will re-examine McLain’s body for additional DNA evidence.

that outcome however, hinges on whether the Attorney General’s office is willing to turn over the initial autopsy report. So far, the family says they aren’t willing to do so, but Pam McLain says she will continue that fight.

Joyce McLain’s body was found in the woods near Schenk High School on August 10th, 1980…she was brutally beaten.