Newburgh School Meeting 

The issue facing administrators in the Hampden, Winterport, and Newburgh school district is the declining enrollment at the Wagner middle school.

That facility is in Winterport.

Officials are suggesting that students who graduate from Newburgh Elementary School might end up going to Wagner.

Those kids currently advance to the Reeds Brook Middle School in Hampden, but many parents are concerned about the long bus ride, and whether the move is the best option for students.

&quot:You’ve got students pumped to go to Hampden next year, and we have to tell them you’re not going anymore. That’s hard. That’s like moving to another town to some children.&quot: Said Newburgh resident Angela Moores.

Thursday night’s meeting was the second public forum in which parents and community members could voice their concerns.

Folks will have another chance at an education committee meeting, on Monday night, April 7th, at Reeds Brook Middle School.

So far, no final decisions have been made.

School officials tell us they are considering several different scenarios.

They say they’ll listen seriously to the concerns of citizens in Newburgh.