Autum Aquino Dies 

Autum Aquino was 6 when she became a poster child for AIDS after her mother, Terry Dannemiller, went public in 1991 that she and her daughter were infected with HIV.

Dannemiller got the virus from Autum’s father, who was a drug user.

Dannemiller wanted to dispel common misperceptions about HIV put a public face on the virus and pushed the discussion about AIDS into the forefront.

Dannemiller died in 1993, and Autum wasn’t expected to live much longer.

She moved in with family in the Bangor area, graduated from high school, attended college and has been living and working in Bangor.

She spent a lot of time in recent years talking to teenagers about HIV and AIDS.

Aquino died at Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Her sister says the death was unexpected – health wise, she was doing well and recently got engaged.