Veazie Arrest 

It all started when police tried to stop a car on the Chase Road in Veazie for an expired inspection sticker.

They say the driver quickly pulled into a driveway, and bolted into the woods.

It turns out that the suspect was 32-year-old Shawn Ashworth. He was wanted for a drug trafficking charge.

At that point, the state police and the Penobscot County sheriff’s department were called.

A trooper with a police dog tracked Ashworth to an apartment on School Street.

Authorities evacuated the building, and also a neighboring school where a meeting was underway.

They wanted to get civilians out of the area before the state police tactical team moved in to make the arrest.

&quot:We were familiar with mister Ashworth’s history where he’s been confrontational with police before.&quot: Said Veazie police Chief Mark Leonard. &quot:That was our reason for contacting the state police tactical team along with assistance of the special response team from penobscot county sheriff’s department.&quot:

Police say Ashworth tried to slip away as officers were getting ready to move in, but Ashworth was spotted, and arrested.

Police say he used a bogus name, before being brought to the Penobscot County jail.

Back in 2001, Ashworth escaped from the local court house where he was facing charges for theft and forgery.