Parked Truckers 

Many independent truckers across the nation parked their rigs Tuesday, To protest record high prices of diesel fuel.

Galen Thompson of Lincoln has been hauling lumber for the past 43 years. He says cost of diesel fuel was 23 cents when he started in the business.

Thompson says the problem, for many like him, is while the price of fuel has gone up, the price of many products, like lumber has gone down. He says he’s joining other truckers in parking his rig, but he’s not sure what good it will do.

Thompson believes that truckers could tie up the country in two weeks, but doesn’t think a strike of that size will ever take place for a number of reasons. He says unions can afford to pay their truckers more to offset the cost of fuel.

Others in the business say a lot of independent truckers cannot afford to strike and risk losing the business they have.