Injured Deer 

The Warden Service says it has received a number of reports of deer being killed or injured during confrontations with loose dogs.

Deer have been spotted along roadways and in neighborhoods, sniffing for nourishment.

State Deer Biologist, Lee Kantar, say in their weakened state, the animals are no match for canines. &quot:Right now, deer are in such a critical and vulnerable point, it’s going to be another month, at least, until we start to see things green up, and for the snow to be really out of here, so that the deer won’t mobile and have a better ability to escape.&quot:

Animal authorities are reminding pet owners not to let their dogs run loose, especially in the woods.

By the way, there is a fine of at least 500 dollars for those who don’t comply with Maine’s Leash Laws and have an animal that chases and wounds wildlife.