Hannaford Security Breach Latest 

Hannaford Brothers supermarket chain

is trying to determine exactly how malicious software got onto

computer servers in nearly all of its 271 stores, enabling someone

to access millions of credit and debit card numbers.

The Scarborough-based company told Massachusetts regulators this

week that &quot:malware&quot: — short for malicious software — was

secretly installed on its supermarkets’ servers in the Northeast

and in Florida.

The software allowed some 4.2 million credit and debit card

numbers to be compromised. At least 1,800 cases of fraud have been

linked to the data breach, with unauthorized charges showing up as

far away as Mexico, Italy and Bulgaria.

Hannaford spokeswoman Carol Eleazer said there are still many

aspects of the breach that the company doesn’t yet understand.

The breach remains under investigation by the U.S. Secret