Diesel Concerns 

It’s their way of protesting high diesel fuel prices which are threatening to put some of them out of business.

Don Hayden, who owns a local trucking company says some of his rigs will be repossessed at the protest, because he can’t afford to pay for them as well as the price at the pump.

Hayden has been hauling logs from the Maine woods for the last thirty years, but the rising cost of diesel fuel is forcing him to make changes.

&quot:It costs us $700 a week more per truck than it did in 2006 when I bought these trucks.&quot: Hayden told TV5 Thursday. &quot:If you figure that out for the seven trucks we’re running all winter long and you do that for one month, that’s $19,600 extra.&quot:

Hayden, who has already had to lay off three employees, now faces losing five trucks to non-payment, but not without a fight.

He says he’s reached an agreement with the repossession company to have three of the trucks taken back while in front of the statehouse in Augusta Friday.

Hayden plans to be at the state house by eight o’clock Friday morning, and he’d like others to join him.

His goal is to have as many big rigs on hand as possible to make sure lawmakers know how devastating the high cost of diesel has been on businesses.