Rope Exchange for Area Lobstermen 

The Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation is holding a rope exchange at the former Darlings auto mall in Ellsworth.

Fishermen bring in the floating rope they currently use, and exchange it for money toward the purchase of sinking rope they will be required to use in October.

Organizers of the project are urging folks to come in sooner than later.

&quot:We have close to a million dollars that we are working with to try to buy that rope back but once that’s gone we’re not sure when we are going to be getting more funding.&quot: Project Director Laura Ludwig told TV5 Tuesday.

The new federal law is being put into effect to keep endangered whales from getting entangled in fishing lines.

the sinking rope can cost twice as much as the rope currently being used.

A rope exchange will be held in Rockland in April.