Repeat Drunk Driver Jailed 

A Maine woman convicted of killing a man while driving drunk eleven years ago is headed back to prison. Tracy Camic pleaded guilty today to OUI and violating parole. The family of the man killed in 1997 was at Camic’s sentencing this morning, outraged that Camic was able to drink and drive again. Tracy Camic will now spend eight years behind bars for her latest OUI and violating probation in December last year. Her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit when police arrested her in Brunswick. Camic was just a few months from completing probation for driving drunk and killing 26-year-old William Comeau in Dedham in 1997.

If she violates the probation once she is released, she will have to serve an additional four years. Despite Camic apologizing in court today,
Comeau’s family says no sentence would ever be enough.