Homeland Security Grant for Area Firefighters 

The money comes from the Department of Homeland Security.

Nearly a quarter million dollars is buying the firefighters a new tanker and pumper truck, as the current engine is worn and rusted.

The rest of the money covers new gear and air packs.

The fire department showed off the equipment to Maine Senator Susan Collins on Tuesday.

She supports the federal program and so do these firefighters.

&quot:You know you’re going in, you’ve got new gear and you know it’s safe. It’s not gonna – you’re not gonna go in there and get burned or run out of air or have faulty equipment going into a fire.&quot: Said Volunteer firefighter Joe Watson.

The new fire engine is expected to arrive next month, which is good for the entire region.

Frankfort’s volunteer department also helps other Waldo county communities: from Hampden to Searsport.