Sex Offender Wants To Move Home 

There’s no decision for a convicted sex offender who wants to go home but is not welcomed by many of his neighbors. Travis White (37)coached youth sports in Bucksport for years.

Six years ago he was convicted for sexually assaulting four of his former players. He was sent to prison and has served his sentence. White is now asking the court to amend his probation so he can move back to Bucksport to live with his parents.

His lawyer told the court today white’s parents live in a rural area and would be able to supervise him. Victims and their family members say having him in Bucksport would be traumatizing.

They say they live with the painful memories every day. White’s lawyer says his client has served his time and should be able to move home.

White’s probation officer told the court he believes white has not taken full responsibility for his crimes and still considers himself a victim.