I-95 Cutback Concerns 

A state senator and the Land Use Regulation Commission are looking into possible environmental violations by the Maine Department of Transportation. It’s in connection with the ongoing timber cutting project along I-95, from Argyle to Benedicta. The problem stems from impacts to some wetlands and streams in the 58 mile area that’s being cut.

LURC says the impacts have happened. It’s now a matter of surveying the area to see how much damage was done.

Usually such projects need a permit from LURC, but theDOT says this is a maintenance project, and so the agency doesn’t need permission from LURC.

State senator Debra Plowman and contractor Brian Howard had this to say about the controversy.LURC and theDOT are in the process of ensuring that no more sensitive environmental areas are damaged by the project.

They’re also debating whether permit violations have actually been committed.