Property Recovered 

They say a pair of burglars made off with thousands of dollars in property in the last two months.

Oakland police have charged 21-year-old Daniel Corson of Augusta and 19-year-old Thomas Beaudoin of Waterville with burglary.

The two men allegedly broke into a number of homes in Oakland, Fairfield, Rome, Sidney, and Augusta, stealing nearly eighty thousand dollars worth of property.

Police Captain Rick Stubbert says the arrests came after a man called police believing he had purchased a stolen gaming system, and that lead law officers to Corson and Beaudoin.

&quot:So far we’ve recovered 3 safes: all from Oakland. Guns, 1 big screen TV, a lot of jewelry… we’re still going through, a lot of electronic items.&quot:

Stubbert says the two will face more than twenty charges each.

Beaudoin is out on bail while Corson remains behind bars.