Murder Trial 

Family members of the victim say they hope justice is served.

Peter Tuller is accused of tying up 47-year-old Michael Demmons with an extension cord at an apartment on Pier Street, in June of 2006.

Prosecutors say Tuller then put plastic bags and a pillow case over Demmons’ head and repeatedly kicked him.

An autopsy showed Demmons died from blunt force trauma and suffocation.

Demmons had been sharing an apartment with Tuller’s ex-girlfriend.

His sister says Demmons had cerebral palsy and an IQ of a 14-year-old and he didn’t deserve to die like he did.

Court records show Tuller told police Demmons was, in his words, only supposed to be &quot:smartened up&quot: and that he wasn’t supposed to end up dead.

He also said it was his ex-girlfriend, Maria Santos, who put the bags over Demmons’ head, which contributed to his death.

Santos spoke to the court today, without the jury present. She refused to be a witness in the case, for fear of incriminating herself.

Investigators also testified today about how they found Demmons’ body and pools of blood in the apartment.

The trial is expected to last several days.