Real ID Latest 

The Department of Homeland Security is hinting that it may compromise with a few states — including Maine — opposed to new rules requiring secured driver’s licenses.

The Real ID Act, passed by Congress after Nine-Eleven, requires new security measures for state-issued driver’s licenses.

South Carolina, Maine and Montana are the only states that have not sought extensions to comply, or already started toward compliance.

The government has warned that residents of states not in compliance or seeking extensions will no longer be able to use their driver’s licenses as valid ID to board planes or enter federal buildings. But late Friday, the DHS granted Montana an extension, even though state officials didn’t ask for one and insisted they won’t adhere to the federal law.

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer says that DHS has &quot:painted themselves into a corner.&quot:

The American Civil Liberties Union agrees. It’s calling for Congress to replace Real ID &quot:with a plan that works.&quot: