Hannaford Security Breach Latest 

Maine banks and credit unions could be facing greater exposure to theft of credit and debit card numbers from the Hannaford Brothers data breach than from the far-larger breach at TJX Companies.

That’s the assessment of John Paradise of the Maine Credit Union League, who cites the greater concentration of Hannaford supermarkets in the state.

Maine has 51 Hannaford supermarkets and another 19 independent markets that sell Hannaford products. That compares to just 15 clothing stores owned by TJX.

And Paradise says people tend to spend more in supermarkets since they’re often shopping there once or twice a week.

He says the 68 credit unions that belong to the Maine Credit Union League are reissuing upward of 100,000 credit and debit cards to try to limit the amount of fraud.

Hannaford says 4.2 million cards were exposed during the breach and 1,800 of the cards had been used fraudulently.