War Anniversary Observed 

It was five years ago when the United States began the war in Iraq.

Some observances were quiet, others quite loud.

At one gathering held in Bangor, folks from the Peace and Justice Center honored those who have lost their lives in the war.

They announced the delivery of more than one hundred signatures to senator Susan Collins’ office.

They are letters from people calling for an end to the conflict.

One of their major concerns is the growing cost of the war.

&quot:We’re concerned about the continuing loss of life and the budget cuts here in Maine.&quot: Peace and Justice Center member Ilze Petersons told TV5 Wednesday. &quot:The trillion dollar endless war in Iraq: that money could be using the funding to provide healthcare, education, and a safe environment at home.&quot:

Several churches across the state marked the anniversary of the war by ringing their bells at noon.

Some congregations followed the bells with a prayer service or a vigil.