Corinna Loses Second Battle, Same Fire 

Corinna fire crews were called to a fire Wednesday morning at the home of Tanya Farrington on the Packard Road.

The first flare up was taken care of, and the crews went back to the station.

When the phone rang a half hour later, the house and the attached barn were engulfed in flames.

The initial fire was caused by some wiring, and power had been shut off to the house.

Fire crews say they even used thermal imaging cameras to check for hotspots before leaving, but the big blaze still happened.

&quot:When we got here it was totally fully involved so we’re not really sure exactly what happened whether it was something else that we didn’t find or I know that some of the power had gotten turned back on after we left so maybe that had something to do with it. I’m not really sure at this point.&quot: Said Corinna’s Assistant Fire Chief, Alan Clark.

There were no injuries reported in either flare-up.

Crews did save more than 200 cows, and a pair of cats from the barn.