Diesel Theft A Problem 

Diesel and fuel are disappearing in Washington county.
Thieves have taken large amounts and the number of cases is climbing. The thefts started about a month ago but authorities say it’s escalated in the last two weeks. The thieves are targeting places where they can get large quantities. Police say Cherryfield Foods had 6 hundred gallons stolen. At more than 4 dollars a gallon that amounts to about $25K.

Fuel was also stolen from S.A.D. 37 school buses as well as construction equipment working on the bridge in Milbridge. Officials with S.A.D. 37 says the taxpayers and the kids are the ones that will lose because of the theft.

They say the budget is tight and there is no way they can make up the loss of $400 worth of fuel.

They say it will probably mean fewer field trips for the students. The state police and the Washington county sheriff’s department are investigating the thefts. They are asking anyone who spots anything suspicious or has information to call them.

The number is 255-8308.