Hannaford ID Theft 

The Maine-based supermarket chain says a security breach has led to the thefts of customer credit and debit card numbers.

The company is aware of about 18-hundred fraud cases, but warns more than four million card numbers could have been stolen between December 7th of 2007, through March 10th of 2008.

Hannaford’s president says the company has taken aggressive steps to bolster its security capabilities since the unusual activity came to light in late February.

Still some customers are now thinking twice before swiping their cards.

Hannaford says no personal information, such as names or addresses, were accessed.

The breach affects all 165 Hannaford stores in the northeast, as well as more than 100 stores in Florida, and independent grocers that sell Hannaford products.

If you’d like more information on the security breach, you can call Hannaford’s customer information center at: 1 (866) 591-4580.