Body Found Behind Sentinel 

A male body was found in a snowbank alongside the Kennebec River on Sunday.

According to investigators, two young men discovered the body behind the Morning Sentinel building at a quarter to five in the afternoon.

They called police, who cordoned off the scene and called in state police detectives.

The Morning Sentinel is reporting that the shirtless body was that of a young white male.

He was face-down in the snow with what appeared to be blood on his back.

Detective Sergeant John Gould of the Waterville police is among those investigating:

&quot:At this point in time we’re treating it as a suspicious death, until foul play can be ruled out. And at this point it’s just being termed a suspicious death.&quot:

There has been no word yet on a cause of death. Sgt.Gould tells TV5 that the body has been tentatively identified by family members.

They’re hoping to make a positive identification some time on Monday.