St. Patrick’s Cooking 


8oz bag of shredded Cole slaw mix
10oz gab of shredded carrots
1lb bag of red diced potatoes cooked
12oz can of corned beef
1/2: cup of water
Pan spray

Makes about 6 one-cup servings

Spray non stick fry pan with pan spray. Place water in to pan and bring to boil, place Cole slaw and carrots in to water and cover. Cook this until cabbage is just starting to be tender while this is cooking cut corned beef in cubes. Uncover pan and add all of the other ingredients and cook until heated.

Serving suggestions:
Poached egg on top to make a breakfast
Tossed salad with dressing makes it a lunch
Adding diced beets makes it red flannel hash
Adding a side of cooked turnip, fresh roll, and dessert makes it a supper.