Rail Company Gets Bad Grade from Maine 

That’s the claim from representative Stacey Fitts of Pittsfield.

He’s on a committee that’s investigating the rail company.

Fitts says industries across the state have complained about the railroad’s long delivery times, and outright lack of response in some cases.

&quot:It would appear to me, and to the utilities committee, that the rail is slowly being abandoned.&quot: Fitts told TV5 on Tuesday. &quot:…we’d like to either stop that process, or find somebody else who can operate the rail in a better fashion.&quot:

The rail company did not respond to TV5’s request for a comment.

Greg Nadeau of the Maine D.O.T. says the state is working with all railroads to improve service.

He says the governor is confident that investments between private rail companies, and the public, will lead to improvements.