Bryson in Court 

Bryson faces manslaughter charges in the death of his two and a half year old step son.

Police say Bryson’s stepson, Damon Nason, was in his care when he was injured on March first.

The toddler died at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor the next day.

The child’s two siblings are now in state custody.

&quot:They never showed signs of Damon not liking Will or Damon being terrified of Will. Never showed signs of anything like that.&quot: Said Raven Pauquette, a friend of the accused. &quot:Damon and Will were very close.&quot:

Bryson told police that Damon was injured when he fell in the bathtub.

Relatives say doctors told them that such extensive injuries couldn’t have been caused by a fall.

Bryson voluntarily turned himself in to police Friday night when he learned there was a warrant for his arrest.

His bail is set at 15-thousand dollars.