Calling all Angels – Paitn’s Story 

My name is Paitn Marie Verrill. I was born May 27, 2007 at 10:40 a.m. I just turned 8 months old on January 27, 2008. I have big, bright blue eyes and red hair! Everyone always ask my mommy and daddy if I have the red-head attitude, which they think I do… basically, I know what I want when I want it. When I am finished hitting, I simply push my spoon away. If you have your hand on my lap, and I do not want it there, I pick it up and move it. On the other hand, when I want something I go for it… whether it’s the remote daddy’s always taking away, or mommy’s cell phone (the second one considering my drool damaged the first).

I am a smart little cookie–I can roll from my back to my stomach, sit up, crawl, feed myself (with a little bit of help) and I have just learned to pull myself up on my saucer and in my crib (which, when in my crib it makes mommy come pick me up much faster), and I have began to walk while holding on to something or someone’s hands. I have been talking all along, mostly babbles, but I do say &quot:da-da-da-da&quot: and sometimes it sounds like I say &quot:mamamama&quot: but that’s only when I’m upset or mad–again, that makes mommy and daddy both pick me up much faster.

Right now I am down to Children’s Hospital Boston. Mommy and Daddy are taking good care of me, along w/ many nurses and doctors. I have Dialated Cardiomyopathy, which means &quot:big heart.&quot: I was listed for a heart transplant February 15, 2008. Right now I am on the Berlin Heart, which is a ventricular assist device and is assisting my left ventricular. As you can see from my photos, I am able to sit up, play, eat, and give Mommy and Daddy all kinds of smiles.

For more information on Paitn feel free to look at her CarePage through the Children’s Hospital Boston website at go to &quot:Patient Websites&quot:.


Saturday, March 8

Benefit Spaghetti Supper &amp: Music

Where: Elks Club on Rt. 126 in Gardiner 5pm-10pm

$6 per person/$20 per family (at the door)

More to be added…