JB Parkers’ Grilled Cuban Style Panini 

Roasted Pork Loin 6-1 oz slices

Baked Black Forest Ham 4- 1 oz slices

Swiss Cheese 2- 1 oz slices

Dill Pickle 2 oz

Cream Cheese 2 oz

Whole Grain Mustard as needed

Honey as needed

Panini Bread 4 slices

In a food processor combine dill pickle and cream cheese. Process until mixed well but still a little chunky.

Mix whole grain mustard and honey to be as spicy or as sweet as your prefer. Equal parts work well if you are not sure.

Lay out slice of Panini bread. Spread 1 oz of pickle cheese mixture. Add 2 slices of ham, 3 slices of roast pork loin and a slice of cheese. Drizzle with honey mustard mixture and top with remaining bread. Grill in a Panini press or similar home electric grill press approximately 4 to 6 minutes or until cheese starts to melt and interior is warmed.