Fifth Sled Fatality 

Game officials fear it may be just the beginning.

40-year-old Matthew Voisine from Massachusetts was killed Monday morning in Ashland.

His death marks the fifth snowmobile-related fatality in less than four days.

The Maine Warden Service, State Police, and the snowmobile association held a news conference Monday to talk about the importance of safety on the trails.

The message conveyed was clear: five fatalities this weekend is 5 too many, and snowmobilers need to slow down.

&quot:If you take a look at the 3 our of 4 fatalities this weekend these young adults hit trees.&quot: Said Roland &quot:Dan&quot: Martin of the department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. &quot:Those things can be avoided I believe one individual wasn’t wearing a helmet. That could have been avoided.&quot:

The other four fatalities occurred in the towns of Shirley, Brooksville, New Sweden, and Bremen over the weekend.

Wardens say it appears the man killed Monday was driving too fast for the conditions.

There have been nine snowmobile related deaths since January.