Snowmobile Fatalities 

The most recent death happened early Sunday morning in the town of Bremen in Lincoln County.

24-year-old Matthew Budrow of Bristol was killed when his sled hit a tree.

We’re told Budrow was riding alone and was not wearing a helmet.

Deborah Turcotte of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says it appears Budrow was trying to make a turn when something went wrong.

&quot:He was riding back and forth and his friends saw him go by, but they didn’t see him come back, and they went out looking for him.&quot: Turcotte told TV5 Sunday. &quot:He was trying to navigate a turn from one street to another and he hit a tree.&quot:

Snowmobilers were killed in New Sweden, Brooksville, and Shirley on Friday night and Saturday morning.

There have been eight fatal accidents in Maine since January fourth.

The Maine wardens service is planning to step up enforcement details in an effort to remind people to ride safely.