Worlds Biggest Snow-woman 

&quot:Olympia,&quot: named for Maine’s senior senator, Oympia Snowe, towers over the town of Bethel at 122 feet tall. That’s nearly 10 feet taller than &quot:Angus, King of the Mountain,&quot: who has held the record as tallest snowman since 1999. He was named for Angus King, who was governor at the time.

Olympia has eyelashes made from skis and bright red lips crafted from painted tires. She wears a giant red hat and a scarf that’s 100 feet long, and she gets some bling from a snowflake pendant that’s more than six feet in diameter. Her arms were created from balsam firs.

Snowe, who was unable to attend today’s event, says it’s just her luck to have a world record-breaking monument named after her, and then have it disappear by summer.

It remains to be seen if Olympia will get the nod as tallest snowman, or snowwoman. There’s currently no separate category for snowwoman, so residents are petitioning for one.