Stetson Couple Lose Barn in Fire 

Cecil Scott says he thought that Monday’s mild weather would help him to thaw the frozen water pipes in his barn, but now he’s got much bigger problems than frozen water lines.

Scott lost his entire barn.

Stetson fire crews were called to the Merrill Road at around 1:15 Monday afternoon.

Scott says he had left a space heater to thaw the pipes, and says that the next thing he knew, the large barn was burning quickly.

&quot:I was down in the cellar messing with my snow blower, and I heard a crackling.&quot: Scott told TV5 Monday. &quot:I thought the snow was going to come off the roof. I looked behind the thing, and the fire was ten feet above the roof.&quot:

Cecil and his wife rushed into the burning building to save a horse, Mrs. Scott got some minor burns, as did the horse.

But they are both okay as of Tuesday morning.

According to officials the building was insured, and a neighbor will let the Scott’s keep their horse there until the family can make other arrangements.