Baldacci Meeting with Governors 

Energy is the top agenda item at the annual

winter meeting of the National Governor’s Association, which Maine

Governor John Baldacci is attending in Washington.

On the first day of the meeting Saturday, governors from

coal-rich states said clean-technology is a must in the years

ahead. But Baldacci and other governors from states without coal

want more evidence that the technology works.

Coal is seen as a contributor to global warming, but it’s a

homegrown energy source and an economic lifeline for many states.

Baldacci has been promoting renewable energy in Maine produced

through wind, solar and even tidal currents. But he said he would

need to hear more before including include clean-coal technology

among the promising energy ideas for the country.

Sunday night, the governors and their spouses traveled to the

White House for a black-tie evening with President and Mrs. Bush.