Spring Flooding Worries 

As snow continues to pile up across
Maine, officials are monitoring snow and water levels with an eye
toward spring flooding.
Experts say conditions now show that Maine is in the upper 25
percent of historical snowpack levels, and the snow has between
four and ten inches of water in it.
John Peckingham of the University of Maine’s Mitchell Center for
Environmental and Watershed Research says the weather watch will
get more interesting as we get into March.
Robert Higgins, emergency management director for Somerset
County, says the conditions bring back memories of the April First
floods of 1987.
That year, a two-foot deep snowpack was ripe with up to eight
inches of water when a southern wind brought eight more inches of
rain to Maine’s mountains. The result was massive flooding that
damaged more than 2,100 homes, 400 small business and 100 small