Storm Cleanup: Power 

At last report 22-thousand people were still in the dark as of early Thursday morning.

Most are in the Augusta area and in a few communities in southern Maine.

Emergency shelters were set up so people had a place to stay warm.

The Augusta Civic Center is the only overnight shelter in the state that was opened for the storm.

Officials from the maine emergency management agency have been in contact with the governor and power companies.

Governor Baldacci has signed an emergency declaration due to the high number of power outages. The declaration will allow crews from other states to help restore electricity.

&quot:An overwhelmingly safety issue with power outages is the use of generators and alternate heat sources carbon monoxide can overtake someone very quickly.&quot: Maine Emergency Management Agency communications director Lynette Miller reminded TV5 viewers Thursday. &quot:We certainly encourage that generators be used in open areas, and not inside the home and any alternate heat sources be used safely.&quot:

Other safety concerns left from the storm are road conditions and flooding.

Officials urge drivers to respect any barricades that may be put in roadways due to flooding or people working on power lines.