Cocaine Bust In Old Town 

Eight men are now facing drug trafficking charges.

Investigators tell us the cocaine was being provided by 28-year-old Roger Gomes of Massachusetts.

He was arrested after a brief high speed chase on I-95.

Last month, agents searched the home of 31-year-old Bruce Carey in Milford.

They say they found cash, firearms, and other evidence of drug sales.

And last week, agents say they made their fifth cocaine purchase from 22-year-old Ryan Thibodeau of Indian Island.

He and 24-year-old Benjamin Knapp of Milo were arrested.

The others charged in connection with the drug ring are 24-year-old Travis Kelleher, and 21-year-old Christopher Wilson of Bangor.

Two other defendants are 33-year-old Christopher Sapiel and 29-year-old Jamie Bouchard of Old Town.

In all, drug agents say they seized more than 160 grams of cocaine, valued at $16,000.

They also confiscated $3,800 in drug proceeds.