Adoptive Families Protest Change 

Those cuts would mean a decrease of up to 30% in payments to adoptive and foster parents.

More than a hundred fifty people turned out in Orono to hear from D.H.H.S. officials, and to speak out about their individual concerns.

The parents say the cuts will be devastating since many shell out hundreds of dollars a month for special services for their children.

If the cuts go through, some families with multiple children stand to lose hundreds of dollars each month.

&quot:Just for an example, for adoption subsidy, the highest rate is $30, the minimum is $16.50 a day.&quot: Bette Hoxie, the director of Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine, said at the meeting. &quot:It would bring that $30 rate down to $21.50: so that’s a substantial decrease.&quot:

Many of the families at today’s meeting say they’ll be in Augusta Friday for a protest at the state house.