Abandoned Kittens Saved 

Laurie Mountain found several cats scattered at the end of her driveway after a neighbor knocked on the door.

Mountain is an animal rescue volunteer with the organization PETS, she and others have spent day and night capturing the cats ever since.

So far they’ve collected ten.

They know two are still out there and there could be more.

They hope someone will speak up, so rescuers can get a good head count.

Laurie would also like people to learn a lesson from this.

&quot:There are other options, for one thing. If you are desperate or for whatever reason you need to give your animal, dumping it beside the road somewhere is not an option. They’re gonna end up … Most of the time they don’t end up as lucky as these guys did. Someone noticed them, someone was able to help&quot:

Mountain believes the tight economy is driving more people to dump their pets, which is putting more pressure on her and volunteers around the state.

She hopes others will step in to help, and realize the responsibilities of being a pet owner.

If you’d like to help those cats or others rescued by pets, you can call Laurie Mountain for information at either 278-2175 or 991-1806.

You can also e-mail her at [email protected].