Trooper Stabbed 

It happened while trooper Tom Pickering was questioning 24-year-old Joshua Gray about a burglary that happened earlier this week.

Police say trooper Pickering was talking to Gray at the side of the Ellsworth Road in Blue Hill when Gray ran off.

Pickering chased him, and tackled Gray in a nearby driveway. Authorities say a scuffle ensued.

Police say Pickering had placed Gray in handcuffs before he looked down and realized he had been stabbed in the leg.

Police believe a pocket knife found at the scene was used in the stabbing.

Gray was reportedly struck by a car while he was running from the trooper.

Gray was taken to the hospital, but he was not seriously injured.

Trooper Pickering needed three stitches for his leg wound, he was back on the job investigating cases Wednesday afternoon.

Joshua Gray is scheduled to be arraigned on aggravated assault charges Thursday.

Police say it’s likely other charges will be filed.