Vandals Still At Large 

Vandals have left their mark in Deer Isle and Sedgwick and the price tag to fix all that damage keeps going up.

At first it was only a few house windows that were shot by bb guns but the vandalism has escalated.

There are now at least 16 reported cases being investigated by the State Police and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department.

One of those cases involves 41 windows being shot in 7 school buses at the Deer Isle Stonington High School parking lot. Police say it’s created a serious problem.

State police say many homes and cars on the Reach Rd in Sedgwick have been hit by b-b guns. Some of them more than once.

In one case two people were watching television just a few feet from a window that was shot.

Anyone with information is asked to call the State Police at 1-800-432-7381.