Pittsfield Update 

More than 40 students who attend a catholic school in pittsfield will have to find a new school to go to next year.

Bishop Richard Malone announced on Tuesday that St. Agnes school will close at the end of the school year.

St. Agnes has seen an attendance drop in recent years: 44 students, kindergarten through 12th grade, currently attend the school.

The Bishop says those decreasing enrollments have resulted in limited income from tuition and increasing requests for financial assistance from the diocese.

On the same day the Bishop announced the sclosure, and just a day after the town found out that the San Antonio Shoe Company (S.A.S.) is leaving town, some good news was reported.

Global Contact Services, based out of North Carolina, has chosen Pittsfield to be the site of a new call center, which would mean about 200 new jobs.

The firm expects to begin hiring next month, and should have the center up and running in March.

It announced earlier this month that Pittsfield was one of four towns around the country that was under consideration for the call center.

G.C.S. will move into a vacant call center where I.C.T. Group operated until 2003.