SAS To Pull Out of Pittsfield 

Five years ago, the San Antonio shoe company S.A.S. made national news when christmas bonuses were handed out: $1,000 for every year worked at the factory.

Some employees saw fifteen and twenty thousand dollars as a gift that year.

This week, those same workers were handed something else pink slips.

S.A.S. went into business in Pittsfield more than 20 years ago.

In recent years, the company has been laying off workers.

150 jobs will be lost when the factory closes its doors.

A company official tells TV 5 the customer demand for the product has shifted, and it makes sense to move Maine production to its Texas shoe plants.

&quot:It’s gonna hurt a lot of us, people that have one income coming in such as myself it’s really gonna hurt.&quot: Deborah Turner, a 20-year employee told us on Monday. &quot:There are people who aren’t quite old enough to retire yet.&quot:

&quot:I’m 62, will be 63 in April, and it’s gonna be hard for me to find another job: Life insurance, health insurance.&quot:
Said 19-year-employee Lorrine Neal.

S.A.S. will start eliminating positions in mid-April, and plans to pull out of Pittsfield completely by the end of summer.