Boat Building in Bangor 

There was a time when boat building was a common sight along the Penobscot River, and there might come a time when new boats are launched in the Bangor area once again.

Hodgdon Marine wants to buy a chunk of land in Hampden that’s owned by the city of Bangor.

At the moment, the property is used as a disposal site for all the snow that comes from Bangor streets.

Hodgdon Marine thinks the 16 acres would be perfect for a facility where those new Navy boats would be built.

On Monday night, city councilors told the company they’re open to selling the land if the plan comes together.

&quot:I fully expect this boat to be successful.&quot: Said David Packhem, one of the architects of the proposal. &quot:{We} experienced a lot of interest in this boat from other countries that also have coasts to protect.&quot:

The company still needs contracts to build the boats, which means the work is at least several months away.

Hodgdon Marine now has 90 days to turn a plan in to the city.

If all goes well, the project could bring scores of new jobs to the area.