Marshfield Update 

Thursday was another difficult day for the grieving families and friends of those who were murdered. Darren Hart says his family is still reeling from the shock of his 41-year-old cousin Arron Settipani being killed.

Police say Settipani and 29-year-old Katie cabana were shot to death by 25-year-old Richard Widdecomb Jr. of Machias.

According to court papers, Widdecomb told police he went to Cabana’s Marshfield home early Wednesday morning and hid by a closet, waiting for the victims to come downstairs. Widdecomb told police he followed Settipani outside and began firing his rifle while the victim called 911.

The court documents also say Widdecomb told police he went inside and shot cabana in the back while she was calling 911. Widdecomb said he then went outside and fired more rounds at Settipani’s truck before going back inside to shoot his former girlfriend again. Cabana’s 9-year-old son told police his mother was still breathing before she was shot the second time.

The court papers also reveal Widdecomb told police he accidentally shot Cabana’s six-year-old daughter in the foot. She’s recovering at Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Widdecomb is being held without bail.