Economic Summit 

The summit is designed to spell out the city’s plans for development in the next few years, and to find out if business leaders in the area agree with those plans.

City manager Peggy Daigle says that Old Town is concentrating on four areas of development: the airport, the Penny Road, Stillwater Avenue and eco-cultural tourism on the Penobscot River.

The closing of the Georgia Pacific mill in 2006 helped spark the need for the summit.

&quot:I want to get the message out that Old Town’s alive and well. And we’re not going away.&quot: Daigle recently told TV-5. &quot:We’re changing the way we do business and changing what we offer to people in terms of residents that live here and people who come here to work. We’re still here and we’re going to be an economic engine for this region.&quot:

The city has already set aside more than one-million dollars for economic development through money collected from the Juniper Land Fill.