B-Ball Brawl 

One witness described it as a riot that broke out in the game between Lawrence high school and Lewiston.

According to Sargent Matthew Bard, two players got into a heated confrontation at the end of the third quarter.

Other players joined the exchange and before anyone knew it, other students were streaming from the stands and taking part in the tussle.

The witness says dozens of people were on the court pushing and shoving, and before long, some fists were flying.

Police quickly moved in and helped bring it to an end.

They had help from adult spectators who also helped pull people apart.

That’s where the fight, and the game, came to an end.

Police have been reviewing video tapes of the incident and say no charges have been filed at this point.

They believe it will be up to the various schools to impose any punishments to the students involved in the brawl.