Weight Watchers 

Ever wonder why your shorts don’t fit when springtime rolls around Don’t blame it on the holidays! You may recognize the holidays as a challenge to your weight management and think that once they’re behind you you can get back on track! You might be wrong! While it’s true that the holidays come with a lot of food in the form of holiday treats, the holiday season passes relatively quickly. Winter, however, lasts a long time in Maine and the short, cold days make us feel like eating more and moving less. That feeling can derail even your most enthusiastic New Year resolutions so that your big plans to shape up are long forgotten by the third week in January.

Weight management is a balancing act. Maintaining your weight is keeping the calories you burn consistent with the calories you get from the food you eat. During the holidays calorie consumption usually goes up and for many, so does calories burned. All that running around shopping, wrapping, partying, and the like helps to burn the holiday treats. Once the holidays pass and activity levels plummet so does the calorie burn. Then comes the double whammy – we tend to eat more without noticing it! Winter days are dark and cold. They invite us to sit inside and eat to pass the time. We tend to

choose calorie dense foods and portion sizes start to creep larger and larger and the couch looks like a much better way to spend time than a walk in the icy wind and cold snow. The calorie balance gets tipped and more calories go in while fewer gets burned and that’s why your

shorts won’t button in the spring. Recognizing the Challenge is the first step to avoid the Winter Weight Whammy and here are 3 easy steps to overcoming it!

1) Work physical activity into every day

2) Choose foods high in bulk and lower in calories

3) Lighten up your favorite winter recipes